About Us

PAM was established by makeup artists for makeup artists, in 1996.

The PAM founder, Kate Benton, is a professional makeup artist, who still works in the field which keeps her up-to-date with the latest tips, tricks and products. This expertise informs PAM, keeping product and staff knowledge current and often ahead of the commercial beauty consumer market.

PAM was founded with three objectives:

First, Kate wanted to establish a friendly shop where whatever your budget you were always welcomed and valued.

Second, to provide a reliable delivery service, sending out orders phoned in from the middle of nowhere by makeup artists stuck on location and in dire need of a make-up product urgently.

Third, for PAM to become a meeting place where make-up artists could come to learn and exchange ideas. This is where the PAM mantra ‘never stop learning’ originated from.

Since opening, PAM has now doubled in size with new lines and new brands being added all the time. Plus, PAM now offer free in store tutorials from some of the best names in the makeup artistry, including Morag Ross, Mandy Gold and many more.

We hope you enjoy our shop.



Kate Benton - started her career at the BBC and trained / worked there for 11 years, leaving in 1992 to establish PAM where she worked full time for three years.

Since then she has gone on to work full time as a make up artist, either as a designer on Televsion or as an assistant on features.

She has twice been nominated for a BAFTA, and once for an EMMY. Her long list of credits include Dead Ringers, Mitchell and Webb, Absolutely Fabulous, Lenny Henry (as designer) and Love Actually, Bridget Jones and Children of Men ( as assistant).