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Embryolisse Anti Aging Re-densifying Cream

Embryolisse Anti Aging Re-densifying Cream

Made by Embryolisse

 Multi-active, youth reactivating care.

• Re-densifying: metabiotic and vitamin E, strong regenerating and antioxidant ingredients, stimulate collagen production and help preserve elastin.

• Smoothing and plumping: hyaluronic acid and marine collagen bind water in the skin.

• Nourishing: shea butter brings balance to lipids. 

• Illuminating: brings more radiance and prevents age spots.

Skin is hydrated*, nourished and texture is reinforced, firmed, plumped up and more elastic. The oval of the face is redefined, tiny wrinkles are erased, deeper wrinkles are diminished and signs of dryness disappear. A very comfortable cream that penetrates quickly.

* The outer layers of the skin

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