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Maqpro Petite Palettes

Maqpro Petite Palettes

Made by Le Maquillage Professionel

Le Maquillage's clear mini compacts containing 10 creme colours. A real favourite among pro make up artists, these palettes are the perfect size for your set bag.

Multi-purpose and light,  a little goes a long way!

Made with their natural wax based formula.


No. 01 - FX Palette

No. 02 - Concealer Palette (European Skin)

No. 03 - Concealer Palette (Asian Skin)

No. 04 - Concealer Palette (Black skin)

No. 05 - Corrective Palette

No. 06 - Concealer/Lip/Cheek Palette

Shaunna Harrison's Concealer/Corrector

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