Out With the Old, In With the New!

Wow! What a weekend that was. Have you ever tried to move an entire business from one place to another? If you have you’ll know what a colossal mission it is but we had some extremely enthusiastic and willing assistants (or so they said!) and we got the job done.


Now that we have our collective feet under the table, what’s changed? The strange answer is ‘almost everything and almost nothing.’


In terms of the practicalities, everything has changed.


Our new warehouse is literally double the size of the old one meaning we can carry lots more stock from lots more of our amazing suppliers, we can introduce new lines, ranges and products much quicker and we can stock more of it in our brand-new shop!


We’ve added (and will continue to add) loads of different products from new brands including Keweko, Ultra Materials, Osca and The Makeup Light and we have a brand-new dedicated Costume department, started off with some amazing products from The Costumier. If you’ve never heard of them, they are, in their own words ‘a special shop dedicated to designing and supplying the things that stylists and costumiers need to do their job properly.’


Check out our website (and come into the new PAM shop) for the fantastic Costumier range and they are those rare products that make you think ‘where has this been all my life?’


To top it all off, there’s lots of free parking and our closest tube stations are West Acton and Park Royal.


But, in terms of the PAM mindset, nothing has changed.


We subscribe to the same mantra as we did on day one – ‘never stop learning.’ We are committing more and more resources to the industry’s grass roots. Without a talented, interested and engaged group of hair and make-up artists – across all the various specialities our industry offers – coming through and making waves and being innovative and exciting and creative, we don’t have an industry to speak of.


We are writing a section of the monthly newsletter especially for students and those trying to break into the make-up world as well as posting Kate’s Tuesday Tips on Instagram and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be posting information on courses, tutorials, meet-ups and myriad things that will help but of course if there’s any specific advice you’d like, contact us through the usual social channels and the website.


So that’s it for now, except to say that you are welcome to come into the shop and look around and see what the new PAM can do for you!


Posted: 17th Jul 17

Out With the Old, In With the New!