HD Make Up

Having worked on HD productions for the last three years at the BBC, I have found a lot of the skill lies in the application: i.e. it has to be applied finely. To this end i usually airbrush a light silicone base such as temptu. For the man or woman in the street, I would recommend the MUFE HD range. The beauty of this is that it comes with ultra fine underbases in various colours which add a hint of colour e.g. if you are too red you use the sheer green underbase.


The biggest problem with HD filming is actually the shine - HD seems to really pick up on shine. MUFE do the sheerest powder I have ever used, in fact it's so fine it's hard to actually get it on the face. Rumour has it they are going to do a pressed powder version later this year. I use the HD powder in the make up room and on set i use blotters, we have these lovely lavender and rose scented ones that actors love.