How to apply a bald cap, plastic or latex.

i would recommend using a plastic baldcap if either the actor is not a 'sweaty' type of person, or if it not going to be on them for very long. most bald caps are made with new baldy plastic which is very fine and strong and dissolves with IPA. if your actor is either sweaty or its on for a long time, i would recommend a latex bald cap. clean the actors face carefully around the front hairline with a good astringent ( i would recommend ppi 'brisk'). Use dermashield mousse protector next on the skin to protect and for ease of removal. with both the latex and plastic caps, get the actors' hair as flat as possible using gaf quat/gel- if necessary follow the growth pattern of the hair rather than trying to fight it. position the bald cap carefully, making sure the thickest part of the cap is on the hairline and the bleedable edge is on the skin. Prosaide the entire forehead and right down around the ears.(peel the bald cap back and let it rest gently on the head ready to be placed when prosaide is dry) use a hand fan to gently dry the prosaide. You might need assistance to place the cap correctly - it is easier if two people place the cap. press from the forehead down using a powder puff to press out any air bubbles, very important not to get any creases in the fine plastic as these are very difficult to get out or disguise. if you need to bleed the edges use IPA. Prosaide over the entire area and then powder thoroughly, once you have brushed the excess powder off colour with grease/ppi palettes. if you are in the unfortunate position of having to do a full bald cap ( ie 360 degrees) and the production can't afford either a silicone bald cap or an expert to help, i would recommend sticking the front first then asking the actor to look up slightly when sticking the back to increase the tension. gaf quat the hair up to the large bone at the back of the head and stick tight with ppi telesis glue and or prosaide. the biggest problem tends to be wrinkling. don't forget how useful liver spots and veins can be to break up a bad edge at the front. good luck