Pro bondo by Mae Kup with Shauna's moulds.

Mae Kup /David Stoneman have just released their new pro bondo, which when used with the release and seal is amazing. Check out the pictures on the web site. idiot proof ! Shauna has made the most amazing clear silicone moulds, at the moment 15 in all ranging from bullet wounds to old scars to knife wounds and deep cuts. Once you have bought your mould, paint in a good layer of release and seal, dries in a few seconds then fill your mould with pro bondo, and scrape off the excess, leave to dry (overnight if possible ) but will dry quicker in a warm room or on a radiator. then position it on the area press hard and release, ( that is the beauty of the clear silicone mould, you can see exactly where you are placing it), any excess frilly bits smooth down with ethanol, then seal with the release and seal, colour and anti shine. very long lasting and very good. can be coloured with anything you like....... shauna is happy to do bespoke moulds. at the moment the range is 15 but we are happy to feed back to Shauna requests, etc. We will be demonstrating these moulds and pro bondo at the IMATS trade show along with many other new products.